Ask Prospects Live Mailbag: October 15 2018

We’ve been getting a lot of questions via e-mail and have tried to respond to them either written or via podcast. We encourage the questions! Feel free to email us or simply use the hashtag #AskProspectsLive. Ya dig? You got a questions, we got an answer! So let’s dive right in…

I am in a deep dynasty with 30 teams and 60 man rosters, so as you can imagine, a lot of prospects are owned. I have one open spot right now as I am waiting to find a minor leaguer to take the spot. I own guys like Brayan Rocchio, Tucapita Marcano, Stanley Rosario, and Anthony Garcia. Are there any young prospects like these that are likely 0-1% owned on Fantrax that you guys see some fantasy upside in?
— Adam T

Adam, sounds like you are on the right path and already have some high upside names. With only one spot left, we got to make this count. - Jason Woodell

Is Brewer Hicklen owned? Sherten Apostel from the Texas org, Jhon Torres, Cole Roederer, Wenceel Perez, Luis Oviedo, Antoni Flores, Frank Lopez, if you can add draftees checkout Brandon Howlett. - Ralph Lifshitz

Why are some players been invited to instructs and others not ? Is there any feeling that these are the best/worst prospects. Or, as I suspect, it’s down to a myriad of reasons like playing time this year, injury history, needing to work on something etc.?
— Dan G

Dan, I think you answered your own question. It is a myriad of reasons. Austin Riley of the Braves went to Instructs to work on defense. Albert Abreu missed half the season and is here to get more reps. A lot of the players played in short-season Rookie ball. Some are here to spend more time with their new club, such as Rylan Bannon and Jean Carlos Encarnacion. Two guys acquired by the Orioles at the deadline. Ultimately it is at the discretion of the team but the rosters are mostly young guys that are not playing in any other fall leagues. - Jason Woodell

Looking at the LIDOM notes and listening to Ralph’s pod on razzball. I am still not sure how it works. Once a player is drafted he is owned by that LIDOM team and can’t play for another ? But when he gets to the MLB he’s unlikely to play in LIDOM much ? And MLB teams decide on how much playing time their prospects are allowed ? I guess all of these factors, if my ideas are true, could influence a player’s value to a LIDOM franchise so that the list looks less like we might expect from a pure prospect perspective.
— Dan G

LIDOM (The Dominican Winter League) is just another off-season developmental league. They have a draft but it is ultimately up to the MLB team on whether they can play. There aren’t trades so guys aren’t switching teams. The MLB team can determine playing time. Their draft is just a fun way to build their teams. -Jason Woodell

Your beautiful website says to send questions here. Was wondering if you had anything on Wander Javier? Preferably on his upside.
— Dusty from Colorado
What’s your opinion on the potential of Wander Javier after he recovers from his injury? Everyone says it shouldn’t affect him in the long run
— @Chriscollectib1

The Wander Javier love is strong! I love Javier’s upside. The K rate is a little high but he has a knack for hard contact that could develop future plus game power. The body is athletic with projection. I think he can stick at SS and he has a plus arm. I think we all want to see him healthy from the torn labrum and back on the field. A start in the Midwest League is not out of the question. Torn labrums can zap some power initially but he is such a young guy that I don’t think it will affect his value. The kid can hit. - Jason Woodell

Wander…Javier is the GOAT - Ralph Lifshitz

Realistically how far/fast do you see Pache moving through the Braves farm system and does it change the way they’ll handle possible OF acquisitions in the off season?
— @Bravesbeck

Great question! Pache still needs a lot of work at the plate but the athleticism and defense plays at the higher levels of the minors right now. He’ll start 2019 in AA and then it really comes down to his development. He still swings at everything and puts himself into tough counts. He has gotten better every step of the way.

Ultimately, there is no rush. I see the Braves signing an OF this winter, including bringing Markakis back. I think that whoever they sign would be a 1-2 year deal with an option. Pache should be up by mid-season 2020 if he continues to trend in the right direction.

C. Correa or Vlad Jr. in a fantasy baseball dynasty league. Can keep one forever. Who you got?
— Mark H

This is tough. I love Correa for what he is doing now and if I am competing, he would be my guy. Even if he comes off SS, he moves to 3B whereas Vlad could end up at 1B. HOWEVER….I love Vlad more than I love my family. I think you are looking at a young Pujols/Miggy/Frank Thomas as soon as 2019. That sort of production is hard to pass. Correa at peak wont sniff those numbers, so for me, I’m going Vladdy Jr. - Jason Woodell

This question came up in a recent draft I did. It’s a start-up dynasty with some real life contract elements. Lots of experienced players, and Vlad went 2nd overall. I like Correa, but if he’s going to be dealing with a bad back, and running a lot less, it’s going to impact his upside for me. At this point you’re wishing on Freddie Freeman at third base with Correa. Vlad could be Miggy for a decade. The good Miggy on booze. Take Vlad and the points. - Ralph Lifshitz

What does the Cardinals outfield look like in 2020, lots of young talent
— @BrianBarnesNOLA

Assuming they don’t sign Ozuna, Tyler O’Neill in left field, Harrison Bader in center field and a mix of Adolis Garcia and Randy Arozarena in right field. This is a tough one to call and I wouldn’t be shocked to see another player hop into the picture and buck a platoon like Bader did in 2018. I’m most interested in the stability in Bader’s defensive statistics year over year. We’ve seen players like Pillar and Kiermaier deteriorate pretty quickly on outs above average leaderboards and elsewhere. If that happens, he’s a light-hitting outfielder with wheels. There isn’t a clear replacement at the moment or looking out to 2020. Which means the Cardinals will likely ride him for a few years of development. My sleeper for playing time would be Justin Williams who came over from Tampa Bay in the Tommy Pham trade. - Lance Brozdowski

It seems like I’m the only person in the universe that is super high on Taylor Widener. I honestly think he can be a legitimate ace or a great #2 starter. What do you all think of him and what do you think his ceiling is?
— @theGREATdanny94

Matt Thompson’s Top 30 Arizona Prospects list just dropped. He wrote “ He really took off in 2018 as the strikeout rate took a considerable jump while also managing to cut the walks down. The fastball sits in the 93-96 range and can nudge higher. His slider is a plus pitch, but the changeup needs significant work and will ultimately define his role.

Also, check out the accompanying podcast. We start on Widener around the 23-min mark

What are three can’t miss prospects risers for 2019?
— @_bojan_

Kristian Robinson, OF Arizona

William Contreras, C Atlanta

Vidal Brujan, 2B Tampa - Jason Woodell

Nolan Jones, 3B Cleveland (walk rates are just insane)

Nate Pearson, RHP Toronto (can’t miss because he can easily become a top-5 arm if healthy)

Braxton Garrett, LHP (post TJ stock hike coming, super athletic kid)

-Lance Brozdowski

Brayan Rocchio, SS Cleveland (Switch-hitter, bat speed, consistent barrel, and compact stroke)

D’Shawn Knowles, OF LAA (Love the freak athletes, speed, and tools are there for a big jump)

Luis Garcia, SS Philadelphia (Compact swing, plus hit, tools across the board)

- Ralph Lifshitz

I have to ask about RedSox prospects of course. Is Shawaryn a MLB SP or RP? Likelihood of Dalbec leapfrogging over Chavis in eyes of Sox brass, and if so, do they stick at 3B?
— Scott Greene

Hey Scott, you couldn’t wait until Tuesday huh? No worries brother! You know I like Dalbec, and while I might rank Chavis higher, I think it’s more proximity than anything. Dalbec has defensive value and a true three outcome profile. He’s the type of player everyone loves or hates depending on his production the month prior. I think because of the value of his arm and play in the field, we’re looking at an everyday third baseman. Chavis’ value is in the bat, he’s not great at third, and he’s short for first. Seems like he could play both infield corners with some run as a DH.

Shawaryn has two fastballs, a plus slider, and an average changeup, that hints at more. He hides the ball well, and is a nightmare against lefties. - Ralph Lifshitz

How butthurt is Andy Singleton (@PeoplezPen) the Yankees lost?
— @rob_sherwood

We haven’t texted since. That’s unusual, Andy’s my day 1! - Ralph Lifshitz