Ask Prospects Live Mailbag: Mailbag Harder

I know you’ve said to exercise patience with Heliot Ramos, how do you know when to pull the cord when players like Xavier Edwards, Kristian Robinson, Luis Garcia start getting the helium and maybe fit your roster construction a bit better? - Matt Y

I’m not pulling the plug completely on Ramos, but I would take the three guys you listed over him at the moment. In Ramos’ case specifically, he should spend most of 2019 at the Cal League, so he should put up some gaudy numbers based on his talent. That being said we knew his .500 BABIP from Rookie ball was going to regress a bit. Guys with his power and speed combination are always intoxicating, but he wouldn’t be the first of his kind done in by a below average hit tool. I’d say hold on Ramos for now. The strikeout rate did drop from last year so he is showing improvement at the plate even if it didn’t show up at the ballpark. The Sally is also a much tougher place to hit than Arizona. - Matt Thompson

It’s less about giving up on Ramos here, as much as it’s about upgrading where you can. I really like Ramos, but he was the product of good rookie ball performance and maybe a thinner crop of talent outside the top guys in that draft. That said, Robinson, Edwards, and Garcia are all must adds. That’s the order I’d rank as well. Nice problem to have! - Ralph

I love the high risk/reward prospects for my NL league.  Just started reading about Kristian Robinson and Ronny Mariucio.  Do you consider both those guys as having huge ceilings?  Which do you like better if either?  Also, are you still high on Jeter Downs? - Alan L.

I’m in love with Kristian Robinson and I think he has Eloy Jimenez type upside, so yeah I do think the ceiling is huge. Robinson will be somewhere in my top 40 prospects for dynasty, just to give you an idea.

I haven’t dug in on Mauricio yet as we haven’t touched on the Mets system, but he’s yet another young shortstop that plays beyond his years. He probably won’t stick at short, which is fine because he’s blocked, but he has a chance to be an above average contributor on both sides of the ball. Mauricio’s first season stateside was a success.

I like Downs a good bit too, nice power/speed combo with a good plate approach. I worry about the hit tool a bit, but in your NL-only he’s probably a top 60 prospect. - Matt Thompson

Fantasy baseball question on a few trades-head to head ten team dynasty with 300-320 players rostered and a 80 player milb owned.

Trade one: 
My Corbin for Robbie Ray, McCullers, and a mid-round spec pick.

Trade two:
My Grienke and Yates  for Tyler ONeil, Seth Lugo, and Duplantier. 

I would still have SP berrios, John Gray, Bieber, cmart, Alex Wood, maeda, and the guys I’d bring in.  Young OF with tucker, Soto, Calhoun, Brinson, and ONeil.  - Matthew B.

Depends on how competitive you want to be. Corbin coming off a career year or the upside of 3 guys? I like adding the depth but if it causes you to have cut other guys, then Corbin is the sure choice. He is the best player so I would roll with him.

I would move Greinke in a dynasty league in a heartbeat. Love the upside of O'Neill and Duplantier. Hard to pass that up for an aging Greinke - Jason Woodell

I’d do the first deal in a heartbeat. I like Corbin, but he’s coming off a career year, and has had some injury issues in the past. You’re adding a younger arm coming off a down year in Ray and a pair of assets. I’d like to see what you could get outside McCullers. I love Corbin, but I think you can add some depth. Keeper rules likely dictate how valuable the secondary pieces are.

Like the second deal too, but I’d like to see what else you can add outside of Lugo. Adding O’Neill and Duplantier is enough to get it done. I just love to see how much more juice I can squeeze. - Ralph

I would be appreciative if you could answer this terminology question: What does it mean when you say a changeup shows good fade, as opposed to tumble....what is the difference there? Is it something that can be somewhat explained in words?  - Doug M

Fade refers to horizontal movement. With changeups fade is synonymous with armside run. Tumble, a term I need to incorporate into my scouting vernacular, refers to vertical movement. Fade or tumble will often be the result of a pitcher’s arm slot. An over the top release point will cause up/down movement on pitches and more vertical depth or tumble. A standard three quarters slot will often result in depth and fade. I.e for a RHP facing a LHH the changeup would drop down and away. The closer you get to sidearm the more fade a pitch will have as opposed to depth, ceteris paribus. - Jason Pennini

Guillermo Zuniga..tell me more - @barrybaker8864

Barry! What up man! Zuniga was one of those unfortunate kids that got caught up in the Braves mess, originally signing with them for 350k before getting that voided and inking a new deal with the Dodgers for 205k.

I had to dig deep in my notes here Barry, but Zuniga was a former OF turned pitcher who is now up to 96 with a potential plus change. - Matt Thompson

Thoughts on Wander Javier. What would you say his upside is? - Dusty from Colorado


Any lesser known J2 Blue Jays to keep an eye on? - @brendonkuhn

Rainer Nunez is a DSL guy. He has a solid build and good bat speed. Elixon Caballero is a RHP. Smaller build so he needs to add some size. His FB is low-to-mid 90’s. Curve flashes spin. Good arm speed on his change-up.