Ranking The Top 10 Farms of All MLB Teams

By now you’ve seen our Top 10 prospects of each team in baseball. If you need a refresher, check out the handy hyperlinks:

To cap it off, we ranked all 30 MLB teams only considering the top 10 prospects of each. A lot of teams have interesting upside depth that goes beyond the top 10, and while a ranking that encompasses an entire system’s top 30 might look a little different, they’re ultimately similar. The Rays are still number one whether we’re considering Top 10 prospects or Top 50, ya’ feel?

These rankings are a compilation of Ralph, Matt and Eddy. We aggregated our lists and averaged them out.

  1. Tampa Bay Rays

  2. San Diego Padres

  3. Los Angeles Dodgers

  4. Atlanta Braves

  5. Chicago White Sox

  6. Minnesota Twins

  7. Seattle Mariners

  8. Arizona Diamondbacks

  9. Houston Astros

  10. Baltimore Orioles

  11. Cleveland Indians

  12. Miami Marlins

  13. Detroit Tigers

  14. Toronto Blue Jays

  15. Pittsburgh Pirates

  16. Texas Rangers

  17. Kansas City Royals

  18. Oakland Athletics

  19. San Francisco Giants

  20. Philadelphia Phillies

  21. Los Angeles Angels

  22. St. Louis Cardinals

  23. New York Yankees

  24. Cincinnati Reds

  25. New York Mets

  26. Colorado Rockies

  27. Chicago Cubs

  28. Boston Red Sox

  29. Washington Nationals

  30. Milwaukee Brewers