Live Looks - Baltimore Orioles Instructs 9/22/18

Grayson Rodriguez, RHP, 18 years old

2018 1st round pick. Prototypical pitcher’s body. Listed 6’5” 230 pounds. Max. body projection. Looks bigger than listed size. Brings a physicallity to the mound. Easy delivery with smooth actions. Good lower half utilization. FB velo 90-94. Elevates FB for swing-and-miss offering. Punched out 2 of 6 hitters faced on high FBs. SL 83-84 with glove side run, acts like a cutter, inconsistent tilt, consistently missed spots with it in this look. CH firm. CV is a tight-spinning hammer at 75-76. Throws with confidence. Looks like a future beast.

Hector Guance, RHP, 23 years old Video

Signed October 16, 2013. Large, high-waisted frame. Physical presence at 6’6” 230 lbs. Low 3/4 slot with cross body delivery adds to deception. Well balanced delivery. Stays in line with home. Keeps head still. FB 93-94 - straight. CV 79-82 with inconsistent shape. SL 85-86 with tilt. Fringey off-speed.

Gray Fenter, RHP, 22 years old Video

2015 7th round pick. Sturdy frame w/ a high waist. Keeps front shoulder closed on delivery which adds some deception. Delivery has effort. Downhill thrower. Hgh 3/4 slot, arm follows the body. FB 91-93. SL 85-86. CH 83. Fringey off-speed offerings. Attacks hitters.

Zach Matson, LHP, 22 years old

2016 24th round pick. Large frame. 6’3” 230 lbs. No body projection. Delivery is easy, repeatable, throwing from high 3/4 slot. FB 87-88 with run. T 90. CH 81-83. CV 77 - tight spin with 12-6 action.

T.J. Nichting, CF, 23 years old

Smaller frame with maxed out projection. Switch-hitter, profiles as a lead-off guy. Will attempt bunts for base-hits but unable to execute today. Linear swing, slap hitter, with minimal power projection. Possibly 20 grade. Doesn’t utilize lower half in swing. Plus range in CF. Good reads off bat. Made over-the-shoulder catch on the warning track.

Rylan Bannon, 2B, 22 years old Video

2017 8th round pick - LA. Acquired in Machado trade. Small frame but strong. Brings some physicality to the plate. Polished hitter, shows good patience, has a plan. Wide open stance. Big swings early in the count. 4.44 run times. Quicker than home-to-first times indicate but speed is still below average. Quick first step on defense, good reads off the bat, plus range at 2B. Fringe arm. Made two diving stops to both sides, covering a lot of ground.

Zach Jarrett, RF, 23 years old

2017 28th round pick. XL frame. Strong, physical hitter. Neutral stance. Aggressive, pull approach. Below average runner. Below average reads off the bat. Made two diving catches that an average defender would not have needs to dive for.

Juan Escarra, LF, 23 years old

2017 15th round pick. Strong, athletic build. Physical presence. Good feel for the barrel. Balanced swing with loft. Keeps hands in a good position to do damage. Strong arm in LF. Accurate throws.

Jean Carlos Encarnacion, 3B, 20 years old

Signed May 10, 2016 by ATL - acquired in Gausman trade. Athletic build with projection. Quick-twitch athlete. Has made adjustments to stance since last look on 7/24/18 with ATL. Now hands are further away from the body with the bat vertical during set-up. Showed improved ability to stay back on pitches and not lunge to front foot. Still has trouble picking up spin and the swing can still get long at times. 4.28 home-to-first. Tooled up, athletic player. Still very raw.

Cadyn Grenier, SS, 21 years old Video

2018 CBA draft pick. Strong, athletic build. Closed stance, hands at shoulder height. Minimal stride. No lower half in swing. Patient hitter. Drew two walks on the afternoon but did swing through a 91 mph FB on a 3-1 count. Flashed above-average range to his right, making diving stop in hole, but airmaled the throw. Probably 2B long-term based on build, athleticism, and arm.

Cody Roberts, C, 22 years old

2018 11th round pick. Strong, athletic frame. Neutral stance with hands high. Has trouble with spin. Passive actions. Flinches on CV/SL. Hunts FBs but even then doesn’t swing with intent. Double-plus throwing arm. Athlete behind the dish.

Alexis Torres, DH, 20 years old

2016 5th round pick. Small frame with minimal projection. Lacks present strength. Has trouble with spin, pitchers attacked with off-speed all day. Handsy swing with minimal lower half.

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