Live Looks - Pittsburgh Pirates Instructs 9/22/18

Steven Jennings, RHP, 19 years old Video

2017 2nd round pick. Thin frame w/ projection. FB 86-88 T90, mostly straight. Changes speed on Curveball(CV), ranging 76-80 mph. Flashed a true hammer with tight spin. Also throws a SL 82-83. Inconsistent shape. CV/SL ran into each other at times. CH firm - mid 80’s. Lacks seperation between FB/CH. FB generates weak contact when located but he has to live on the corners to survive. 2nd time through order, hit hard, struggled with FB command. Overall stuff played down today compared to look in Extended Spring Training.

Noe Toribio, RHP, 19 years old Video

Signed July 2, 2016. Athletic delivery with effort. Head movement at release. Short arm action, cross body delivery adds deception. FB 90-91 with occasional sink. Flashed some run in to RHH. Poor FB command in the zone. CV 80-81 with inconsistent shape, flat at times. Threw a SL - fringe but flashed tilt. Lacks velocity seperation between CV/SL. Highly likely it’s the same pitch. Backed up down 2-1 to record a swinging K. CH at 84 mph. Firm.

Jacob Webb, RHP, 19 years old Video

2017 19th round pick. Tall, slender frame with projection. Athletic delivery. FB 88, CV 73. Tight spinner. Threw 1 inning. Worked quickly.

Jose Maldonado, RHP, 19 years old Video

Signed July 3, 2017. Tall, athletic build with projection. Thick lower half. High waisted. Love the body. Loose delivery. Live arm. FB 93-94. Struggles to command in the zone. CV 79-83, inconsistent shape but flashes spin and two plane movement. Threw 1 CH at 85 mph to record a swinging K. Good fade. Above-average pitch. Below average SL at 88. Possibly a cutter. Minimal glove side movement w/ no tilt.

Yerry De Los Santos, RHP, 20 years old

Signed July 2, 2014. Tall frame with a strong build. Projectable body. Cross body delivery with effort. FB 90-93, SL 80-83. Listed at 160 lbs. but looks closer to 180 lbs.

Lolo Sanchez, CF, 19 years old Video

Signed July 2, 2015. Good athlete. Can stick in CF. Strong hands w/ plus bat speed. Short, choppy swing. Quick inside. Hunts FBs. Pitch recognition is a work in progress. Trouble with spin. Linear swing. Doesn’t attempt to elevate. 4.37 home-to-first. Didn’t appear to be a max effort run. Appears faster in game than run time indicates.

Adrian Valerio, SS, 21 years old Video

Signed July 3, 2013. Athletic, smooth defender at SS with high IQ. Made a MLB ready play to cut a throw from RF to 3B on a tag up and beat runner from 1st, tagging him at 2nd base to end a bases loaded, 1 out threat. Open stance, linear swing. Aggressive hitter. Swing gets long. Minimal power projection. 4.54 home-to-first.

Mason Martin, 1B, 19 years old

2017 17th round pick. Plus body projection for age. Physical at the plate. Works tough at-bats. Looks to do damage with every swing. Three true outcome player. Swing gets long leading to high K rates. Below average defender, poor range. Slow reaction times. Stiff hands.

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Jason Woodell @Jasonatthegame