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Live Looks: Julian Smith and Luis Frias -Deep Fantasy Sleepers

Live Looks:  Julian Smith and Luis Frias -Deep Fantasy Sleepers

Julian Smith, LHP - Dodgers

Age: 21 (6/6/97)

Lanky, long legs. Extremely easy delivery with loose arm. Not a frame that will support a ton of weight but room for some. FB 93-95 with life, often to glove side. CB 76-79 flashed plus with 1 to 7 shape and depth. CHG 83-86 could get firm. Impressive out of nowhere guy, scouts not even knowing who he was.

Live Looks: Teenage Kicks

Live Looks: Teenage Kicks

Kristian Robinson, OF - Diamondbacks VIDEO

Age: 17 (12/11/00)

Strong as hell, can’t believe he’s 17. Prototype body, will only get bigger; elite athlete. Thick thighs. Slightly open base stance with hands near head. Short stride forward. Limited lower body use, relies on upper body strength which is prolific. Hit massive HR to L/CF. Below average OF arm in morning drills. Possible LF future but the bat should carry the profile even if there is a move down the defensive spectrum.

Live Looks: First Year Player Draft

Live Looks: First Year Player Draft

Brice Turang, SS Brewers - 1st Round VIDEO

Smooth at short, solid hands, IF actions, and reactions. Quick first step and nice range to get to ball off Sugilio’s bat. Plus arm. Patient hitter; took 11 pitches:zero swings in first two ABs. Wide base stance, kept weight back and bat path was linear, maybe a slight uppercut in his one swing in his third AB.