Emptying the Notebook: FL Instructs

Baltimore Orioles

2B/SS Adam Hall- Solid defender with good first-step quickness, but looks like more of a 2B than a SS. Made nice play to his right with Jeter-esq jump throw to second for a force out. Upright stance and stays upright through swing. Mostly hands and little lower half. Linear bat path. Will take outside pitches to opposite field. VIDEO

RHP Gray Fenter – Sturdy frame, big chest. High slot nears over the top. FB 93-94 with plane from high slot. Should generate lots of ground balls. Very predictable mix: went to FB an inordinate amount of the time despite quality CB 77-79 with tight spin. Reserved CB for two strike counts. VIDEO

RHP Hector Guance –  Thick build. Easy velo from low three quarters slot. Works at deliberate pace. FB 92-94 with run and sink. Slider 84-85 plays well off FB with big tilt; plus pitch. One of the better pitchers in Baltimore’s camp. VIDEO

3B Jean Carlos Encanacion – Good athlete. Strong arm at third, should be able to stay there. Wide base stance. Center of mass stays on back foot. Quality bat speed. Big hole down and away. Pitch recognition vs spin is questionable. VIDEO

2B/3B Jean Carmona – Advanced for his age. Aggressive early in counts. No issues catching up to premium velocity. Plus bat speed. Creates torque with hip rotation. Does not look overmatched vs older competition. Good hands on poor warmup throw to second. Nice feed to Grenier on 4.6.3. DP. VIDEO

RHP Tim Naughton – Fast arm. Very short arm action; shot puts it. Ball jumps out of hand, but extension is below average. FB 93-96 some life on FB. Average slider 83. Some effort in the delivery. Pen arm.

RF Zach Jarrett – Tall, muscular. Looks like a tight end. Mashes fastballs including one for a homer off Yoendrys Gomez. Short stride, brute strength is enough for substantial power.  Below average OF range, but makes diving plays on the periphery of range. Heavy feet. VIDEO

New York Yankees

RHP Alexander Vizcaino – 6’3” 173. CJ Edwards body comp, very thin. Impressive arm. Short arm action and easy velo. Upright finish. Some deception, hitters not appearing to pick up FB well. FB 95-97. CHG 89-90 runs inside on right-handed hitters. Arm slows slightly for CB 83.

OF Anthony Garcia – Still growing into Goliath frame. Tons of length in the swing. Game swing looked choppier, more rigid than my recollection of BP swing. GAME, BP

C Anthony Seigler – Short catcher with compact swing. Strong hands. Looks like solid bat control guy who can control the zone and prioritizes contact over power, more doubles power than home run power. Short arm/quick release on throws. Run times in 4.37-4.50 range.

OF Isaiah Pasteur – Open stance with moderate leg kick. Quick-twitch athlete. Made excellent diving catch ranging into left center on 9/28; big range. Impression is defense-first profile.

RHP Jhony Brito – Whippy arm with high effort. Big torque and hip to shoulder separation. Athletic. FB 91-92. Inconsistent finish, falling off to the 1B side with head whack. Balance well below average. Mid 80s change with some depth and no run. CB high 70s.

RHP Juan Then – Tight, short curls in hair, double-plus afro potential. Thin with projectable frame, high-waisted. Lifts leg fairly high from windup. Slot between high three quarters and over the top. FB 93-94 but straight and hittable. Batters seeing it well out of hand and spitting on offspeed. CB 81-83 flashes plus with 12 to 6 shape but is inconsistent. CHG 86-87 with depth but no fade.

RHP Yoendrys Gomez – Easy delivery with plus arm speed. Athletic, projectable frame with room for good weight. Good momentum, little wasted motion to home. FB 91-93. CB 77-78 flashes plus but has inconsistent shape. SL 83-85 is below average, poor present shape and command. VIDEO

Tampa Bay Rays

OF Beau Brundage – High-waisted. Stance: head forward, back arched, hands near head, ass out. Miniscule leg movement. Swing is allll hands. Made a great diving catch heading back to right field wall to rob Antoni Flores.

RHP Jhonleider Salinas – Massive frame. Big plane and works downhill. HTQ slot. FB 93-94 with run on 2K counts out of the zone. CB 77-79 with a 12 to 6 shape. VIDEO

RHP Joel Peguero – Short but built. Pecs bulge out of his chest. Electric arm with double-plus arm speed. Head remains stable working to home. Not staying closed and losing release point at times. FB93-96 but straight. SL 82-84. VIDEO

OF Kea'von Edwards – Thin, athletic frame. Lifts front leg slightly. Expanded the zone up chasing FBs with two strikes. Quiet hands pre-slot.

3B/SS Osmy Gregorio – Athletic, projectable frame with room for weight. Possible mover to 3B. Good reactions defensively, but uncertain if arm plays there. Slightly open stance. Squares with mod leg kick as hands rise up level with head, creating length to swing. Quick hands inside.

OF Nick Schnell – Moderate stride. Can get on front foot early. Swings hard which may expose to swing and miss, but should have solid power on contact. Opponents attacked down and away with changeups with relative frequency. VIDEO

RHP Shane Baz – Easy delivery. Head remains fairly quiet. Works both sides of the plate and has a bevy of pitches to work with. FB 93-95 with life. Hard SL 87-89 used backdoor to LHH an unfair, 70 grade pitch. CB 78, backed up but Trey Ball did not capitalize. CHG 83 (only 1) VIDEO

LHP Steffon Moore – Thin, lanky. Lots of projection on the body. Good extension. Long limbs. Reminds of Taylor Hearn except Moore has a bit more effort in the delivery. Looks raw. Slot between three quarters and HTQ. FB heavy mix 89-92. Poor current feel for secondaries. CHG and CB both in the low 80s. VIDEO

SS/2B Wander Franco – Achieves loft with little effort. Strong writsts/hands. Can spoil pitches and his poor contact reaches the warning track. Tracks spin well for his age. Defensively made impressive tag on SB attempt. VIDEO

Toronto Blue Jays

OF Adrian Ramos – Short stride, stable. Linear bat path. Backs hands as he approaches lot. Approach geared for contact over power. Run times around 4.3

C Geyber Jimenez – Low stance. Short swing. Not getting much behind it. Rotates hips but almost all upper half. Lunged/stabbed at breaking stuff away. VIDEO

C Hagen Danner – Rough day defensively, had errant throw to 2nd and a passed ball in early innings. Unconventional swing with hands pulling back as rest of body moves forward. Front foot down before hands come forward, lower body not incorporated.

CF Jhon Solarte – Switch hitter. Center of mass stays back toward back foot. Does not come forward to attack ball. Would like to see him get his weight forward and attack.

SS/3B Jordan Groshans – Big leg kick. Hands stay back, then fire. Long limbs. Pre-swing movement makes swing look longer than it is. Post-slot, bat is short through zone. VIDEO

SS/2B Kevin Vicuna – Thin, but wiry and athletic. Quick twitch. Very smooth defensively. Nice hands and turn 6.4.3 took bad throw and adjusted to tap second and get runner at first in time. Aggressive on basepaths. VIDEO

3B/2B Nick Podkul – Stiff, rigid swing. Front foot is down early and lower half is not incorporated. Nice reactions and hands at third base to adjust to a tough hop and gun throw to first in time.

RHP Turner Larkins – Guessing 6’4”. Works downhill from over the top slot. FB 88-90. Short, late break on slider 81-83. Excellent balance and posture; head barely moves throughout delivery, repeats with consistent follow through to home.

RHP Rothier Hernandez – Nice pitcher body. Strong chest with room for rest of frame to fill out. Plus arm speed. Easy lower half then athletic burst home. Delivery looks stressful on arm, not repeating. Poor control, head whack at foot strike. No feel for his SL.