Live Looks: Teenage Kicks

Kristian Robinson, OF - Diamondbacks

Age: 17 (12/11/00)

Strong as hell, can’t believe he’s 17. Prototype body, will only get bigger; elite athlete. Thick thighs. Slightly open base stance with hands near head. Short stride forward. Limited lower body use, relies on upper body strength which is prolific. Hit massive HR to L/CF. Below average OF arm in morning drills. Possible LF future but the bat should carry the profile even if there is a move down the defensive spectrum.

Geraldo Perdomo, SS - Diamondbacks VIDEO

Age: 18 (10/22/99)

Remains fairly tall through swing. Would probably benefit from removing the toe tap. It looks like it disrupts his timing. Last second hitch in swing creates unnecessary length. Hands and bat speed are good once approach phase of swing begins. I think there’s potential for better results if these are cleaned up, but Perdomo had a nice season in 2018 so maybe the Diamondbacks leave him alone until he fails. Plus arm shown on several throws between in-game and morning INF. Good chance he fills out and moves to third, but he looked capable at short for now.

Harrison Francis, RHP - Diamondbacks

Age: 19 (10/26/98)

Decent athlete. FB 88-91 with some cut at times. Run and depth at the lower end of that band, presumably a 2-seamer. There’s some effort in the delivery. Mid 70s CB with 11 to 5 shape and moderate depth. Was hoping for more from a 4th rounder.

Keyber Rodriguez, SS - Rangers VIDEO

Age: 17 (10/24/00)

Twists front leg back and creates torque with hips. Short bat path, direct to ball. This attribute should limit his swing and miss. Upper half off balance at times, too much head movement. Looks to do damage early in counts. Adjusts approach with two strikes, shortening stride/leg kick. Able to extend hands for ample plate coverage. Interesting guy to keep tabs on.

Sherten Apostel, 3B - Rangers

Age: 19 (3/11/99)

Well-proportioned, strong frame; hard to believe he is only 19. Very athletic. Strong hands. Smashed HR to dead CF, easy 400+ feet. Generates power with little effort and without exposure to added swing and miss. Fluid swing. Advanced approach for age. Came away thinking he’s a dude.

Fernando Valdez, OF - Rangers VIDEO

Age: 19 (11/14/98)

One of my favorite swings of the fall. Loud contact in all my looks. Short toe-tap for timing, slight uppercut in swing plane. Excellent use of lower half. Fluid swing that transfers strength from legs to hands. Able to stay back on soft stuff and take it oppo. I like this kid much more than his AZL numbers would suggest.

Eddys Leonard, SS - Dodgers VIDEO

Age: 17 (11/10/00)

Short but athletic frame. Not thin. Short to the ball with direct bat path. Uses lower half well and the swing is fluid. Aggressive hitter who appeared to hunt fastballs early in counts. Raw and looks overmatched vs quality secondary stuff.

Carlos Duran, RHP - Dodgers

Age: 17 (7/30/01)

Man child. Listed 6’7” 231 and turned 17 in July. Good athlete with decent body control. Low three quarters slot. Below Average extension. Poor momentum home inefficient twist of hips in middle of delivery. FB 91-93 bores in on right-handed hitters. CB 77-78 flashed above average.

Yunior Garcia, OF - Dodgers VIDEO

Age: 17 (7/29/01)

Physically advanced for his age. Raw at the plate. Was overmatched by fringe average spin and expanded the zone. There’s length to the swing but also good power on contact. Unlikely to stick in CF due to body projection. Do not love the swing mechanics, body moves back as front leg moves forward. Center of mass also remains back, looks off balance, not attacking the baseball.

Wilkin Ramos, RHP - Athletics VIDEO

Age: 17 (10/31/00)

CJ Edwards/Triston Mckenzie body comp; lil to no weight gain from last yr. Athletic delivery. Arm action remains easy. Works with momentum and good balance. Above-average extension. FB 88-90, 2-seamer. Runs down and away from LHH. 3/4 slot. Hopefully adds strength/good weight.