Live Looks: Texas Rangers Draft Picks

Cole Winn, RHP - 2018 1st round pick

Polished pitcher; refined for age, showed four future average or better pitches. Good balance and posture through release, clean mechanics. Athletic delivery, works direct to home. FB 91-94 cut at lower end of band. CB 74-77 with sharp, tight spin and 11 to 5 shape. CHG 84-85 moderate depth and maintained arm speed. SL 82-85. Lost mechanics in the third, unable to stay closed resulting in armside misses, later pulled.

Owen White, RHP - 2018 2nd round pick

Athletic delivery with clean mechanics. Good balance. Short, cross-body arm action, which creates deception. For much of delivery ball hidden behind back. Delivery does not appear to put much stress on his arm. FB 90-94 and fairly straight. CHG 83-85 flashed plus down and away from lefties. CB 78-81 with big depth. Had trouble commanding the SL 83-85.

Mason Englert, RHP - 2018 4th round pick

Listed 6'4" 205 and could add significant weight. Good athlete. FB 91-94. Good arm speed but some effort in the delivery. Below average momentum home with a slight pause. Herky-jerky; delivery is choppy. Body seems to slow slightly for CB 74-77.

Jayce Easley, SS/2B - 2018 5th round pick

Looks thinner than my look at NHSI. Head not staying down on ball through swing. Some awkward swings at offspeed, getting out front early and poking at them. Has shown good plate discipline and feel for the zone. Athleticism still evident, but possibly worn down from the grind the season.

Leury Tejada, RHP - 2018 10th round pick

Looks shorter than listed 6’1”. Small frame with room for weight. Clean, explosive arm action. Excellent momentum home, little wasted effort. FB velo 91-92 the product of some effort in the delivery but moreso elite arm speed. Great athlete. SL 83-84 was around average. Possible velo adder due to projection of body and athleticism.

Wyatt Sparks, RHP - 2018 23rd round pick

Bull dog on mound, works quickly and attacks. Good momentum in the delivery but also some effort, a little more head movement than I would like to see but not an egregious amount. FB 92-94 hard to see out of hand. High 80s changeup flashes plus with depth and run. Hitters appear to struggle differentiating it from the FB. Low 80s breaker with tight shape, late 12 to 6 break. Stuff would play nicely in a pen.

John King, LHP - 2017 10th round pick

Strong, physical frame. Lefty with short arm action, ball jumps out of hand at 92-95 T95. Repeats mechanics from low three quarters slot. Some head movement at foot strike. CB high 70s, flashing plus. There’s some effort in the delivery. Has the look of a reliever but a very good one.

Ricky Vanasco, RHP - 2017 15th round pick

Thin frame. Delivery starts easy then a burst home, effort in the delivery: big head whack at foot strike. Over the top slot. FB 90-92 with plane from slot. CB82-84 with odd shape: 12 to 6 at times and sometimes even drifted armside. Below average depth on pitch.

Mike Matuella, RHP - 2015 3rd round pick

Tall, long-limbed righty. Listed 6’6” 215. Uses frame to his advantage and works downhill from a high arm slot. FB 95-96 is fairly straight otherwise. There’s effort in the delivery. Breaking ball was mid 80s and average in terms of movement and shape in this look. Matuaella was over 100 in the spring and a rash of injuries over the years have put a damper on some of his excitement.