Live Looks: Julian Smith and Luis Frias -Deep Fantasy Sleepers

Anderson Comas, OF - White Sox

Age: 18 (2/10/01)

Looks much bigger than listed 6'3" 185. Projects for huge weight gains. Looks uncoordinated and still learning to use his body. Weight on back foot in base stance. Through the approach center of mass and head move forward but hands stay back even as front foot plants. The result is a choppy swing devoid of lower body use. Having said that, Comas still hits the ball with authority. If he learns to incorporate the lower half the power potential is double-plus.

Chester Pimentel, RHP - Diamondbacks

Age: 23 (11/12/95)

Barrel-chested. Workhorse frame and good athleticism for his size. Low effort. Excellent mechanics, hip to shoulder separation creates torque. Lower half strength flows to arm. FB 93-96. CB 74-77 ave with 11 to 5 shape and good depth.

Miles Gordon, OF - Reds

Age: 21 (12/3/97)

Good quick-twitch athlete. Contact-oriented swing can get a bit choppy. Willing to take outside pitches oppo. Little lower half use, relies on his hands, which are good. Shortens swing with two strikes. Aggressive baserunner, able to anticipate and take calculated risks.

Jacob Heatherly, LHP - Reds

Age: 20 (5/20/98)

Good pitcher body, thick strong lower half. Extremely easy “playing catch” delivery. Below average extension from tall finish. FB 92-93 T94 with life and sink on it. Shape of mid 70s CB was inconsistent but when tight, flashed plus.

Andy Sugilio, OF - Reds

Age: 22 (10/26/96)

Looks a bit bigger than last fall, especially above his waist, but he is still thin and an 80 runner: 3.94 home to first with a bit of foot in the bucket in his swing on some swings. I initially thought the swing was handsy, not using the lower half, but looking more closely at video, he uses a big leg kick and stride. Decent utilization of lower half. However, linear bat path could limit power potential.

Matt Tabor, RHP - Diamondbacks

Age: 20 (7/14/98)

Good momentum home from the windup, coupled with above average balance in little head movement. Works quickly and attacked hitters, until they reached base when pace slowed dramatically. Works from the 1B side of rubber and across the plate. FB 91-92, 2301 RPM mostly straight. FB heavy mix with a couple mid 80s sliders mixed in.

Carlos Carreno, RHP - Reds

Age: 20 (9/4/98)

Big, thick frame. Over the top slot with effort in the delivery. Pen only. Falls off to 1B side and had trouble repeating in this look. FB 90-93 T94 with bore in on right-handed hitters. SL 83-85 with depth but not tilt.

Justin Lewis, RHP - Diamondbacks

Age: 23 (8/10/95)

A little stiff in his delivery. Still learning to control his long limbs. Upright finish. FB 92-94 with quality run and sink. Sexy changeup, projects to plus or better with good depth and fade. CB 76-79 flashed plus but backed up on him at times. Showed a slider low 80s, back-doored to a lefty. Good compilation of weapons to work with. Interesting guy if he can find more consistency with his secondaries which all flash to average or better.

Jason Bilous, RHP - White Sox

Age: 21 (8/11/97)

Thin, lanky body. Works across the plate from low three quarters slot. There is effort in the delivery including audible grunts. FB 90-92 with some sink and movement to the glove side. Showed the ability to command his mid 80s slider well, including backdoor to left-handed hitters. CB high 70s low 80s was the clear third offering.

Julian Smith, LHP - Dodgers

Age: 21 (6/6/97)

Lanky, long legs. Extremely easy delivery with loose arm. Not a frame that will support a ton of weight but room for some. FB 93-95 with life, often to glove side. CB 76-79 flashed plus with 1 to 7 shape and depth. CHG 83-86 could get firm. Impressive out of nowhere guy, scouts not even knowing who he was.

Luis Frias, RHP - Diamondbacks

Age: 20 (5/23/98)

Great body. Strong and athletic. Thick lower half, big ass. Good arm speed from a high three quarters slot. Live arm. Some effort to the delivery. Below average balance, struggled to repeat in this viewing. 92-94 T96; can run it armside. The low 80s CB flashed double-plus with big two-plane movement.

Ismael Aquino, RHP - Athletics

Age: 20 (9/2/98)

Very good athlete. Live arm. Efficient mechanics with short arm action. Ball jumps out of his hand and hitters do not appear to pick it up well. FB 93-96 T97 with life. Some head movement at foot strike but not an egregious amount; 45 balance. SL 82-86 with late break.

Photo courtesy of Billings Gazette