Live Looks: Yankees and Phillies pitchers dominate

Spencer Howard, RHP - Phillies (Clearwater)

Big, physical frame. Simple delivery, efficient, repeatable. Stays tall, throws with downhill plane. Heavy FB at 92-95, T 96 mph with run. Slider/cutter 85-89. At times flashes two-plane tilt, but shows consistently more horizontal movement than tilt. Heard Howard refers to the pitch as a cutter. Heavily utilized to extend the plate against righties. Glove side command>arm side. Very comfortable working away from RH and in to LH with his FB/cutter combo. Curveball 77 mph with 11-to-5 action. Good feel for all three pitches. Attacks hitters. VIDEO

Matt Sauer, RHP - Yankees (Charleston)

Athletic build with projection. Delivery is fluid and easy. Slight cross body but in line with home with a high 3/4 release. Really drives off the back leg with his fastball. At times, stays a little tall when throwing the slider but maintains good arm speed. Strike thrower that will challenge hitters to both sides of the plate. FB is heavy, sat 92-94, T 96 with run. Slider was 83-84 with sharp two-plane tilt. Poised and in command throughout 5 scoreless innings with only 1 hit allowed. Really think he will blow up in the Sally in 2019.

Kevin Gowdy, RHP - Phillies (Lakewood)

Hasn’t pitched since being selected in the 2nd round of the 2016 MLB Draft. Still only 21. Tall with a slender/athletic frame. FB 89-90, CV 77, CH 83. High 3/4 release with a bit of a short arm action. Control over command at this stage of rehab/development. He looked good overall and it’s good to see him back on the mound. VIDEO

Frank German, RHP - Yankees (Tampa)

Strong, athletic build. Delivery reminds me of a right-handed Andy Pettitte in regards to leg kick and hip rotation and arm action. Long arm swing with high 3/4, over the top release. Cross body thrower. Struggled to command the fastball today. Improved glove side command compared to arm-side. Did not look like he was trying to come in on lefties and away from righties. FB mid 90’s but reports he touched 98 earlier in camp. CV is tight spinning with good feel. CH shows good fade and depth and should induce weak contact from lefties.

Francisco Morales, RHP - Phillies (Lakewood)

Large frame, strong for age with more projection in the tank. Stays tall on his back leg with a low 3/4 release. Internally rotates and loads the back hip well from the delivery, allowing the lower half to stay closed. Abandons that from the stretch and while his stuff still looks sharp, his delivery appears less athletic. FB 91-93 T 95 mph. SL is a sharp 86 mph with two-plane tilt. SL flashes plus, generating swing-and-miss, with good feel and confidence. Used slider in any count to both sides of the plate. VIDEO, VIDEO2

Juan Then, RHP - Yankees (Charleston)

Slender/athletic frame. High-waisted with projection. Athletic delivery with a fast/live arm. Drives off the back leg, gets pretty good extension. FB 93-94 mph and showed improved command and sharpness compared to Instructs look. Curve 80-81 with 12-6 action. Pitched behind in the count, nibbling with hitters and struggling to consistently get ahead to the glove side. Stuff was good enough today to battle back and induce weak contact.

Ben Brown, RHP - Phillies (Lakewood)

XL frame, but slender with a ton of projection. Only 19, former 33rd round pick in 2017. Deceptive delivery but stiff through hips. Needs to loosen up delivery to get good extension. FB 88-91 T92 mph, lacks sizzle. CV low 80’s. Sequencing is FB dominant, working in and out to both sides. CV lacked feel and shape with poor command today. Rarely utilized, even with two strikes. VIDEO

Colton Eastman, RHP - Phillies (Clearwater)

Avg build with high waist. 3/4 release. Short stride with short arm/action. FB 88-91 mph, CV 77 mph, CH 83 mph. FB lacks sizzle. Pitchability guy that needs to hit his spots and stay off the barrel to be effective. VIDEO

Roansy Contreras, RHP - Yankees (Tampa)

Athletic frame with strong lower half. Delivery is athletic with intent. FB 94-96 mph with run. CV 75-78 mph, flashing plus with high spin rate but lacks consistent shape. When it’s on, shows sharp 11-5 break. Likes to change eye levels with FB/CB combo. CH 84 and is still a work in progress. Firm at times with slower arm speed. Still developing feel. May have seen a slider at 81. Flatter than curve. Although it could have just been a flat curve that he overthrew. Will keep an eye for it in future looks. VIDEO

Damon Jones, LHP - Phillies (Clearwater)

XL frame. Strong build. Fluid delivery with deception. Stays closed with cross fire 3/4 release. Gets good extension. FB 94-95 mph with good life and command to both sides of the plate. Curve is 80-81 mph with good shape. CH 88 with fade and good arm action. 2017 18th round pick senior sign. 24 years old. Should start in High A but could progress quicker out of the pen. Intriguing arm given ease of FB velocity and left-handedness.

Jefry Valdez, RHP - Yankees (Tampa)

Slender, athletic build with a live arm. Real loose actions. Didn’t get velo on his pitches but everything moves. FB flashed some serious run. Hadn’t heard about him but he was acquired from Colorado for Jordan Foley. This is exactly the type of under-the-radar arm that the Yankees unlock an extra gear with. Even if the Yankees continue to develop him as a reliever, his stuff was too nasty to not to highlight here.

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