Antonio Cabello - CF New York Yankees

Antonio Cabello

Age: 17 (11/1/00)

Bats/Throws: R/R

Height/Weight: 5’11” 203 lbs.

Pos: CF

Team/Level/League: GCL Yankees West/Rookie/Gulf Coast League


Smaller build, but sturdy. Well put together. Looks strong. Athletic with all movements. Will continue to fill out with age.

Hit Tool:

30/60 - Aggressive hitter with a pull approach. Swing has effort. Is often out on front foot too quick but present strength in hands/wrists allows him to barrel middle-in. Struggles with pitches away, especially off-speed due to aggressive approach. Still raw and learning to hit. Will need to improve timing and approach in order to reach full potential. Athleticism and bat speed stand out. With more reps/experience, should reach ceiling of a .280 hitter.

Game Power:

30/55 - Line-drive, gap power at present. Game power is limited by pull approach and inability to cover outer half of the plate with authority. Power may take time to develop but at peak is capable of 20+ HR. In order to reach peak, will need to improve approach and learning to efficiently utilize lower half.

Raw Power:

40/60 - Bat speed and the athletic build are special at present age. Swing has loft and intent. Should continue to grow into power.


70/60 - 4.13 home-to-first from RH box. Aggressive on basepaths. Athletic runner with a quick first step. Accelerates quickly to full speed. May potentially lose a grade with added strength as he ages.


20/50 - Converted catcher, now playing CF. Still a work in progress. Poor reads off the bat with indecisive first step. Relies on athleticism and speed to make plays. Poor set-up on catch and throws. Given age should project to average possibly above-average defender with reps.


40/50 - Throws from OF have a parachute, lacking carry. More than likely due to poor reads and set-up and less from actual arm strength. Hasn’t yet learned how to use lower half and momentum. Throws observed were from off-balance set up and were upper body dominant. As with defense, increased reps and experience should improve grade. Arm may be better suited for LF.


55 - Cabello is an exciting, athletic player whose physical traits allow him to stand out. At only 17, he is still learning to use his lower half both at the plate and in the field. The bat speed is special and he should develop into a .270-.280 hitter with 20+ HR at peak. Defensively, grades are lower due to learning a new position, but his athleticism leads me to believe that he will be able to make necessary adjustments. Best tool at the moment is speed. Intriguing high upside prospect to follow.